Company History, Background & Core Values

History & Background

OHSNET (OHS Network Sdn Bhd) was formed in the year 2013 by DR AZRUL R ABDULLAH. It serve as a network of certified and dedicated occupational health practitioner like occupational health specialist, occupational health doctor (OHD), industrial hygienist, competent person (CHRA, ergonomist, HRA ect) and other OSH practitioners.

DR AZRUL R ABDULLAH is the founder and  CEO of OHSNET. He serves as a Principal Consultant and Master Trainer with the motto “Healthy Mindset for LIFE”. Graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), his medical career began in 1996 serving the Ministry of Health with (other than the usual) a unique set of exposures including many extraordinary cases, clinical post mortems and appointed panel doctor in the PERKESO Medical Board.

His illustrious occupational health career with enriched wisdom to benefit his current practice began in 2003 serving NIOSH as an Occupational Health Consultant with a proud achievement of managing and establishing the Occupational Medicine Centre and among other things has also contributed to the DOSH Guidelines on Occupational Health Services, 2005.

The knowledge of prevention in personal and occupational health he passionately shares is full of life to match his motto “Seriously FUN!”, considering the topics he tries to share are extremely challenging and full of misinformation. He has been teaching thousands of students, the public and employees nationwide.

DR AZRUL R ABDULLAH is also very instrumental in setting up a software for data driven prevention in the collection of all his medical surveillance activities, analysis, reports, storage and retrieval. The search for perfection began since his early days in NIOSH but only recently managed to finalise a secure, private and confidential, multiplatform, multi user level and private cloud storage system which greatly helps in managing all the OHS programs for all his clients ranging from the oil & gas industries to the SMEs.

Dr Azrul Rozaiman Bin Dato’ Hj. Abdullah, PMC

Dr Azrul Rozaiman Bin Dato’ Hj. Abdullah, PMC

Founder & OHS Network Principal Consultant

  • Chemical health & poisoning subspecialty training [ UOEH, NIIH, JISHA (Japan) ]
  • Registered Doctor with Malaysian Medical Council (MMC)
  • Registered Occupational Health Doctor with Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) HQ/08/DOC/00/195
  • Certified Medical Impairment Assessor
  • HRDF certified trainer
  • Malaysian Medical Association Plantation Health Committee & Computer Technical Committee
  • Member of Malaysian Medical Association, Persatuan Perubatan Islam Malaysia, Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Academy of Occupational Environmental Medicine Malaysia, Malaysian Society of Occupational Safety and Health, Malaysian Industrial Safety & Health Association
  • Module Developer, Trainer & Lecturer for NIOSH, GiSM, UiTM, UIA, KKM, OUM, CUCMS and workplaces
  • Ex – NIOSH, Ex SOCSO Board Doctor, Ex – SOCSO Panel Clinic Doctor

Current & Past National Contributions



  • Active consultant on Chemical Medical Surveillance, Screening Audiometry etc.
  • Active HRDF certified trainer for Hearing Conservation, Chemical Health, Medical Ergonomics, Stress, First Aid, Healthy Lifestyle etc.
  • Technical Committee for Guidelines on Occupational Health Services, 2005


  • Active NIOSH trainer for Occupational Health Doctor (OHD), Occupational Safety & Health Officer (SHO), Occupational Health Nurse (OHN), Hearing Conservation & Audiometry Program, Lung Function (Spirometry) Testing Program, Seminars & Conferences
  • Ex – NIOSH Occupational Health Consultant


  • Active SOCSO Claims Management
  • Ex – SOCSO Board Doctor
  • Ex – SOCSO Panel Clinic Doctor


  • Award of appreciation for Occupational Health Services Module development & lecturer for the Executive Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health Program, 2008 – 2009


Co-Founder & Principle OHD

  • MBBS (UM), Dip. OH (UKM), OHD (NIOSH)
  • Occupational Health Services Consultant
  • Registered Doctor with Malaysian Medical Council.
  • Registered Occupational Health Doctor with Department of Occupational Safety and Health
  • DOSH HQ/08/DOC/00/700.
  • PETRONAS Approved Medical Examiner

Our Mission

Occupational Health Services providers working professionally and interdependently

Our Vision

A network of facilities providing a standard & efficient Occupational Health Services

Our Promise

Deliver services professionally and ethically as per the law, regulations and guidelines.