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Ergonomic Related
Health Issues

15 Years of Experience . All-in-One Centre
Competent OHD . Holistic Approach

ERGO-Wellness Program (OSHA S4)

Ergonomic Related Health Management Program in Malaysia

According to SOCSO, muscle and skeletal-related diseases (eg: lower back pain, PID) are becoming more frequently diagnosed and filed for compensation. Ergonomic of a normal human being has its maximum capacity and limitation, varies from one person to another.

Ergonomic Wellness Program (IACT)


Our motto for this program is always 3P = prevention, prevention, prevention! Even sitting at an office desk has risk of developing PID / Slipped Disc. So how do you know if you need this program? Consult with OHSNET first, a screening program will give you the answer. Start identifying & stop guessing !


Upon OHSNET appointment as your ergo-wellness program advisor, our OHD will assess the workplace and the workers exposure to any ergonomic-related health issues. We will then access the severity (if any positive cases) for different levels of intervention.

Control Measures

Depending on the level of severity, ranging from mild, moderate, or severe. In-house ERGO-Wellness program setup & WMSD Medical surveillance are advised after taking factors like efficiency and cost effectiveness into consideration. Utilizing software to track progress and record keeping (PDPA 2010 & HIPAA).


We treat all suspected work-related musculoskeletal disease (WMSD). First aid treatment, case management, referral to orthopedic specialist (joint treatment), proper follow up, limit disability, rapid return to work advisory, medical board out (MBO), management of NADOPOD 2004, Socso claims and more. Its a complete program !

What is a IACT?

IACT is an abbreviation of Identify, Access, Control & Treat. It is the core of our comprehensive Ergonomic-related Wellness Program (ERGO-WELLNESS). It is very important for companies to not only prevent future issues, but to also, treat any current positive cases, and manage those who needs extra help (eg: SOCSO claims, MBO, Return to work). At OSHNET, this is standard procedure. We help you manage and setup a complete system.

Why ERGO-Wellness Program is Important ?

OSHA 1994

Its the law. Mentioned in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Act 1994 of Malaysia.



Department of Safety and Health (DOSH) Malaysia is enforcing this law. Avoid getting fined and imprisonment due to negligence.


Prevent and treat all work-related diseases / injuries with proper ERGO-Wellness program at your workplace. This in long term, will reduces medical treatment cost and MC.

Conduct Ergo-Wellness Program.
Healthy Worker, Increase Productivity.

Even worker sitting in office desk has risk of getting PID / lower back pain.
Stop guessing, start screening !

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